What is Salary Compaction?

Salary compaction is when supervisors and managers earn less than their staff. It happens when salary increases for rank-and-file employees outpace salary increases for managerial and supervisory positions. When the differential between management and rank-and-file pay is too small, it reduces incentive for employees to accept the additional responsibilities of being a manager.  


What is ACSS Doing to Help End Salary Compaction?

ACSS is continually fighting to help establish and maintain at least a 5% pay differential between excluded employees and the staff they supervise.  


  • meets with CalHR on a quarterly basis to get updates on progress and fights for raises on behalf of excluded employees.
  • carefully analyzes data and concentrates efforts on excluded employee classifications that are most negatively affected by salary compaction.
  • meets with political leaders and legislators to discuss compaction and support ACSS' fight to combat it.
  • works closely with departments and CalHR to negotiate salary improvements on a class-by-class basis.