Delegate Assembly

ACSS' 14th Delegate Assembly will be held in 2024.

Delegate Assembly is a three-day event. First, the Committees Meet. Then, at Delegate Assembly, Chapter Officers and Delegates discuss Bylaws, Policy File changes and other Association business. They will also vote in the next term of ACSS Board Members. On the last day of the event, a Board Meeting is held. At this meeting, the newly elected Board Members will elect and vote in the next term of Executive Officers. These Executive Officers consist of the ACSS President, ACSS Vice President, ACSS Secretary/Treasurer, VP of Membership Development and VP of Legislative Affairs. 

It is this entire election process and Delegate Assembly that truly showcases how Excluded Employees embody the Association of California State Supervisors. This is an association founded by and run by members.  It is YOU who shapes this organization. The elections process and Delegate Assembly is how ACSS supports and stands up for the rights of every excluded state employee.