Delegate Assembly

ACSS' 14th Delegate Assembly will be held on October 11 - 13, 2024.

Delegate Assembly is an important event in ACSS that occurs every three years. Its purpose is to elect appropriate leaders and improve the association by refining the way the Association functions. Preparation for this event occurs in the fall season prior to a Delegate Assembly year when Nominations for new leadership take place. In the spring of the following year, an official election of the Nominated Candidates occurs via online ballots. The result of the elections is a comprehensive body of well-qualified Delegates and Officers who have been elected by their peers to represent the members and make an impact within the organization.

Delegate Assembly is a three-day event that will take place in October 2024. On the first day, there is a training session for Delegates and Officers to inform them of the rules and procedures of the upcoming Assembly. There may also be ad-hock committee meetings in an informal setting to review policies and issues that may require discussion during Delegate Assembly. The first day also includes an evening meet-and-greet event for the Delegates to socialize and network.

The second day of the event is the Assembly of the Delegates. All the elected Delegates gather to discuss bylaw resolutions and other Association business. Delegates have the important task of voting on these proposed resolutions that affect the future of the Association. Another important task of the Delegates is to vote for who will serve in the next 3-year term as Board Members.

On the last day of the event, a Board Meeting is held. This is the first meeting of the newly elected Board Members. The primary purpose of this meeting is for the Board Members to vote for the Executive Officers. These Executive Officers are Board Members who have an additional role and function at the highest level of the Association. They consist of the ACSS President, ACSS Vice President, VP of Membership Development and VP of Governmental Affairs. The Secretary/Treasurer is appointed separately.

Since 1990, ACSS has been governed by Excluded Employees just like you! It is the Members who step up to make a difference and shape the future of this organization.

This triennial event truly showcases how any ACSS member can have the opportunity to represent their fellow colleagues, take on a leadership role to help make positive changes, and participate in a 100% member-led organization.

Members may nominate themselves or others as a Delegate to serve as a representative of their Chapter at Delegate Assembly. Members may also nominate themselves or others for Chapter Officer positions during this time. Look for an Open Nominations Meeting announcement from your local Chapter in December/January.


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