Chapter Procedures and Best Practices

The principal purposes of the chapters are to implement statewide uniform best practices at a regional or local level. Chapters allow ACSS to provide a regional forum for meetings of members and participation in the affairs of ACSS, to recruit and organize members around local issues. Chapters do not function independent of the organization.

Furthermore, your chapter will aid the success of ACSS as a whole by developing future leaders of the organization. By providing your members the knowledge and skill necessary to take leadership positions in ACSS, you are helping to ensure a steady future for the organization through any leadership transitions.


In December of each year, each chapter shall file with the Secretary of the corporation its budget, its meeting schedule for the following year. Chapters shall also file such other reports of the proceedings and activities of the chapter, its financial affairs, and other information as the Board of Directors may reasonably require.


ACSS bylaws require chapters to hold at least one general membership meeting per quarter. Chapters may decide to hold other meetings—or more informal gatherings, worksite visits, etc.