Board of Directors

The ACSS Board of Directors are excluded employees just like you! They meet several times per year to discuss issues that affect excluded employees and make decisions on behalf of their Chapter's members. Board Members cast votes to make changes to the Association's Bylaws and Policies, crafting the Association as needs change. Each Chapter has a minimum of one Board Member. The number of Board Members allotted to a Chapter correlates to the population of members in a Chapter. (Larger Chapters have more Board Members.) The Board of Directors are an important part of leadership that evolves the organization and makes the membership's best interest at the forefront of their purpose.

2021-2024 Term

  • Greater Sacramento Area & Northern California (Chapter 502)
    Vince Santucci, Dept. of General Services
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Millie Barajas, Dept. of Technology 
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Michael Bonner, Public Utilities Commission
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Amal Kattan-Handal, Public Utilities Commission
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Janice Nishimoto, CDCR
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Christina Shupe, Dept. of Industrial Relations
  • Greater Sacramento Area (Chapter 503)
    Tim Skillman, CalPERS
  • Northern Coast (Chapter 504)
    Barbara Krantz, Dept. of State Hospitals
  • Bay Area (Chapter 505)
    Tina Allen, High-Speed Rail Authority
  • Central Coast (Chapter 507)
    James Johnson, CDCR
  • Central Valley North (Chapter 508)
    Lynn White, CDCR
  • Central Valley South (Chapter 509)
    Nina Thomas, CDCR
  • Greater Los Angeles Area (Chapter 511)
    Deborah Lambert, Employment Development Department
  • Southern Coast (Chapter 512)
    Lynn Medart, Dept. of Public Health
  • Greater San Diego Area (Chapter 513)
    Glenn IlustrisimoDept. of Health Care Services
  • Greater Riverside Area (Chapter 514)
    Todd D'Braunstein, Dept. of State Hospitals

Updated September 8, 2023