ACSS Meets with CalHR - Continues Push for Salary Increases and One-Time Payments

Posted: Aug 12, 2022
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ACSS met with the Department of Human Resources (CalHR) on August 11, 2022 to discuss pay and benefits for the state’s supervisory, managerial, confidential and exempt employees.

As most salary increases or payments require the Legislature to appropriate funds, this meeting included ACSS urging CalHR to request funding for excluded employee salary adjustments and one-time $1,500 Health Facility Retention stipends for all eligible excluded employees before the Legislative recess at the end of August. For other pending salary compaction and inequity issues, CalHR has agreed to either set up separate meetings to discuss ACSS’ proposals with the CalHR Labor Relations Officers assigned to evaluate and respond to the proposals, or to otherwise reach out to ACSS with next steps for the proposals.

In addition to the salary and stipend discussions, CalHR expressed appreciation for the work of supervisors and managers and discussed possible training opportunities for managing a hybrid-workforce.

As additional excluded employee compensation items are finalized through CalHR and as part of the state budget, ACSS will keep impacted members apprised of the status of potential increases to pay and benefits.

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