Don’t Forget to Vote in the California Statewide Election! Polls Close at 8pm on Tuesday November 8th.

Posted: Nov 2, 2022
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Voting centers are open now! Make sure to cast your vote in one of these ways:

  • Mail your ballot. Drop your ballot in your mailbox or at your local post office, ballots will be accepted if your ballot is postmarked by November 8th.
  • Drop off your ballot at a designated ballot drop box before 8pm on November 8th. To find a ballot box near you, click here.
  • Vote in-person at a voting center by November 8th, 2022. To find a polling place near you, click here. Polling places close at 8pm on Tuesday November 8th, 2022.

After you cast your vote, you can track your ballot here.

Candidate Endorsements and the PAC
ACSS has done a thorough job researching, interviewing and supporting legislative candidates that are best-suited to benefit Excluded Employees. To view the official list of ACSS-Endorsed Candidates in the Assembly, Senate, and Executive branches, visit our ACSS Political Program Candidate Endorsement page. In addition, donating to the ACSS Political Action Committee (PAC) helps ensure that the right legislators are in office to support the issues that matter to you most, like:

  • Resolving salary compaction
  • Protecting Pensions
  • and ensuring fair working conditions for supervisors, managers, and excluded State employees

Your Vote Matters!
As we have seen over the years, elections are won or lost with just a few votes, so every single vote matters in this election. Visit the California Voter Guide for more information on the California General Election.

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