ACSS Strategic Plan: Outlining a Purpose, Vision, and Goals for the Future to Benefit Members

Posted: Aug 11, 2023
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In 2022, ACSS leaders met on four separate occasions to create a Strategic Plan for the future of the Association. The last time ACSS was engaged in a thorough Strategic Planning session was over a decade ago. Last year, the Board worked hard to make sure the new strategic plan met the current needs of ACSS members. In December, the Strategic Plan was presented to the public during a virtual webinar and the plan was formally adopted. Throughout 2023, implementation has taken place on carrying out the goals and expectations. Here is a synopsis of the main concepts of the new Strategic Plan:

ACSS’s purpose is to effectively advocate for and represent California state supervisors, managers and other excluded employees.

ACSS’s vision is that all California state excluded employees receive fair and equitable representation, compensation and benefits.


Goal 1: Increase Membership

  • ACSS’s success is based on the numbers of members we represent. We will continue to focus on coordinated campaigns to attract new members and retain existing ones. 

Goal 2: Build Member Engagement

  • Another key to ACSS success is member engagement. We want to assure strong levels of member activity at each chapter and each work site, resulting in high levels of activism at ACSS.

Goal 3: Sustain Our Legislative and Advocacy Successes

  • ACSS needs to maintain a strong presence and voice both in Sacramento and at the District level so that policy makers and legislators acknowledge the importance of ACSS and support our priorities.

Goal 4: Strengthen Our Organization

  • Strengthening our organization means strengthening board and chapter leadership while also increasing customer service and communication at all levels and building mutual accountability and transparency and continually measuring our progress.

As ACSS evolves, we plan to carry out the purpose, vision, and goals that this new Strategic Plan entails. As a member of ACSS, you can expect an increase in communication, transparency, and involvement from ACSS that ultimately benefits you and all managers, supervisors and confidential employees of the State of California. It is a great time to be a member! If you know of fellow colleagues (managers, supervisors or confidential employees) that are not members of ACSS, please spread the Purpose and Vision of ACSS and encourage them to join now

Visit the ACSS website Strategic Plan page to learn more.


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