CalHR Issues COVID-19 Testing Direction to State Agencies

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On July 26, 2021, California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) Deputy Director and Chief of Labor Relations Paul Starkey provided direction to state departments requiring mandatory COVID-19 testing of unvaccinated state employees working on site. The CalHR direction follows an increase in case rates tied to low vaccination rates in some communities and the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant.

Over the next few weeks, state departments are required to phase in testing protocols. Fully vaccinated individuals will be exempt from mandatory COVID-19 testing, but will be allowed to participate in testing voluntarily.

State departments are instructed by CalHR to implement procedures to collect and maintain evidence of vaccination as soon as possible, with full compliance by August 2, 2021. To be exempt from mandatory COVID-19 testing or wearing a face covering, state employees must provide evidence of vaccination through their "Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record - QR code", a vaccine card, or other medical record establishing full vaccination.

As these departmental procedures are established, ACSS will act to ensure all required testing is done on state time and at state expense and that privacy interests are best preserved. ACSS will meet-and-confer where appropriate to ensure the interests of supervisors and managers are protected.

If you have questions about testing requirements, contact your ACSS Labor Relations Representative.

The CalHR direction, which includes a link to the CDPH digital vaccine record website, can be accessed here.

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