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Incentives for DDS Excluded Employees Facing Department Closures

Posted: 10/27/2016 Tags: benefits jobs layoff legislation meeting policy salary Tags Views: 3089

CalHR will implement substantial retention incentives for managers and supervisors of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) who are facing closures of some DDS facilities. A Meet and Confer meeting between ACSS, DSS and CalHR was held on October 24th, 2016. After serious consideration of ACSS’ input on behalf of excluded employees, DDS will provide impacted employees with a stipend of up to $6,000 for the period worked from July 1, 2016 – December 31, 2018 or closure (whichever comes first).

Click on the links below to read more details about each facility closure:

*Please be aware that not all Porterville GTA employees will receive the stipend. Only those positions that are slated for termination with closure will accrue the stipend. ACSS will provide an update when notice is received regarding which GTA positions will not be affected by the closure.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local ACSS Labor Relations Representative. Click here for contact information for the ACSS Representative near you.

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CDCR sending Wave 5 seniority notices

Posted: 4/25/2014 Tags: layoff prison salary Tags Views: 2946

As the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) prepares for Wave 5 of its layoff process, employees will begin receiving Seniority Score Verification letters.

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Personnel said "no raise" til ACSS stepped in

Posted: 11/15/2013 Tags: layoff Tags Views: 2570

It took a few months, but thanks to ACSS, I finally got what I deserved:

A 3% raise and backpay.

I was demoted in lieu of layoff a few years ago when CDCR was downsizing and I slowly worked my way back up to the same supervisory position.

Like many excluded employees who have been topped out for years, I was eagerly awaitng my raise when the 3% bump hit in July.

I tore open my paystub in July. No raise.

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More CDCR layoff meetings

Posted: 10/24/2013 Tags: governor layoff salary Tags Views: 3387

As CDCR continues with Wave 4 of its layoff plan, it will be offering another series of informational meetings for potentially impacted employees.

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CDCR layoff meetings

Posted: 9/17/2013 Tags: layoff salary Tags Views: 2894

As CDCR prepares for Wave 4 of its layoff plan, it will be offering a series of informational meetings for potentially impacted employees.

Affected employees should have received SROA letters no later than September 13th.

Additional information is available at CDCR's Layoff Resources page.

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CDCR Wave 4 Layoffs

Posted: 8/9/2013 Tags: layoff Tags Views: 2979

CDCR sent seniority letters this week to excluded employees who are at risk of layoff in Wave 4.

Your ACSS is still awaiting a copy of the official layoff plan and will provide updates as they occur.

In the meantime, if you received a seniority letter and/or have a question about how Wave 4 layoffs will impact your career, please contact ACSS Senior Labor Relations Representative Nellie D. Lynn at nlynn@calcsea.org

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Want to know your rights? We'll come to you.

Posted: 1/4/2013 Tags: layoff pension Tags Views: 2472

Have issues with difficult employees at your workplace?

Worried about pension cuts, layoffs, or hiring freezes?

ACSS can come to you and give you the lowdown on supervisors' and managers' rights.

Throughout the next few months, our labor relations representatives will be visiting worksites to provide information and answer any questions you or your coworkers may have. We'll even provide lunch.

Want ACSS to visit your worksite? Complete our brief survey and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

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Prop. 30 campaign rolls out new commercials

Posted: 10/3/2012 Tags: election governor layoff Tags Views: 2641

The campaign for Gov. Brown's proposed revenue increases - Prop. 30 - has released a series of new campaign ads.

The ads, several of which feature State Controller John Chiang, primarily highlight the accountability of the revenue boosts.

ACSS is urging all state supervisors and managers to vote YES on Prop. 30 not only to prevent some $6 billion in cuts, but to avoid further layoffs and reductions in benefits.

Take a look at the embedded video below to see the first of the YES on 30 ads, or find more in this Sac Bee article.

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Love it or hate it - Why we need to support Prop. 30

Posted: 9/12/2012 Tags: benefits budget election governor layoff pension Tags Views: 2491

As Gov. Brown signs in to law a historic attack on public employees pensions, many state employees may be questioning whether or not they should support Brown's tax increases, appearing on the General Election ballot at Prop. 30.

Prop. 30 seeks to prevent some $6 billion in "trigger cuts" to public education - and additional layoffs in CDCR, among other cuts - by temporarily raising the state sales tax and increasing income tax on high income earners (over $250,000/year).

It may feel like state workers are between a rock and a hard place: Support a governor that has vowed to continue attacking public employee benefits, or reject the governor's tax increases and incur further layoffs and cuts.

Your ACSS officially supports Prop. 30, as we cannot support the "trigger cuts" that will decimate public education and further harm thousands of loyal state workers.

As public employees have given their fair share to aid California's budget deficit through aggressive cuts to pay and benefits, we believe the time is right for wealthy Californians to do their part as well.

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Has Gov. Brown broken the camel's back?

Posted: 8/28/2012 Tags: benefits budget governor layoff pension Tags Views: 2477

After announcing a series of aggressive cuts to state employee pensions, many are wondering if Gov. Brown's continued assault on our modest benefits will really help fix California's economic woes.

Perhaps a more important question is: Are the long-term risks of yet another attack on long-suffering state employees' modest and hard-earned benefits worth the (questionable) short-term gain?

Read more about Gov. Brown's attack on your modest pension after the jump.

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