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It's Flu Season! CalHR Gives Us Prevention Tips for the Workplace

Posted: 11/18/2014 Tags: health memo policy Tags Views: 3680

Posted: 11/18/2014

CalHR released memorandum PML-2014-045 on the prevention and management of illness in the workplace. CalHR recommends the following guidelines for departments to use for absences that may occur due to the influenza (flu) season. It should be noted that while the symptoms are similar, the flu is disticntly different than the Ebola virus.  For more information on the Ebola virus, please review PML 2014-039.

The memo offers managers and supervisors a few important considerations:

  • If employees are showing signs of flu symptoms, employers should encourage employees to stay home or go home.
  • Review the provisions of leave usage in the appropriate bargaining agreements.
  • Check CalHR's Leave Benefits webpage for guidance on the usage of the above leaves.
  • To minimize the impact on operations, consider tele-working or flextime.

Based on recommendations from the California Department of Public Health and the CDD&P, the memo contains links to more information on flu season guidance specifically for Supervisors and Managers.

Cover your coughs and wash your hands often! ACSS hopes you and your employees stay healthy this fall and winter around the workplace.

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